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Waste Management Launch at Parliament House Building

Press Release

“Parliament of Pakistan Re-Affirms its Commitment to promote Zero Waste and Recycling”

Islamabad: 18th August 2022:

The Parliamentary Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals, in accordance with its environment-friendly approach, announced the launch of its new ‘Waste Management Project’. Through its motives, the project aims to cater to the problems of climate change at grass-root level. The project was inaugurated today by the Honorable Convener of National Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs Ms. Romina Khurshid Alam, she highlighted the importance of segregating waste to consequently boost the process of recycling and to inevitably alleviate the rising impact of climate change. Stressing upon the significance of taking ownership of our actions, she implored upon all citizens to support the cause by properly disposing off waste. As part of the initiative, color-coded bins were placed all around the Parliament House Building and their use in public places was encouraged. She appreciated the former Taskforce Member Naureen Ibrahim Farooq for her efforts. She also acknowledged the Capital Development Authority, Coca Cola Pakistan, UNDP and other collaborators for their contributions and their continued support to the cause was hoped for.

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