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SDG 8 Multi-Stakeholders Focal Persons Consultation

The meeting was chaired by the Convener of SDG 8 Sub-Group, MNA Ms. Sajida Zulfiqar Khan.

SDG 8 Multi-Stakeholders Focal Persons Consultation was held on the 13th of February, 2020 at the Parliament House by the Parliamentary SDG 8 Sub-Group. Focal Persons from various public and private organisations, INGOs, government officials, relevant ministries and the private sector attended the first multi-stakeholder meeting at the Parliament by the SDG 8 Parliamentary Sub-Group. This was an introductory meeting held by the SDG 8 parliamentary sub-group on creating a way forward on achieving SDG 8 in Pakistan. Valuable feedback was taken from the respected Members and the focal persons regarding achieving economic stability and future growth in Pakistan. The participants were keen to share their findings and challenges with regard to achieving SDG 8.  It was decided that further consultations would be held on future progress on SDG 8. Concrete steps would be taken in tourism and vocational training sectors for achieving SDG 8 in Pakistan with the help of the stakeholders.

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