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Meeting of the Sub-Group on SDGs Scorecards

A meeting of the Sub-Group on SDGs Scorecards was held at the National Parliamentary Secretariat on SDGs. The meeting was chaired by Convener of the Sub-Group, MNA Dr. Aisha Ghaus Pasha.


  • MNA Dr. Aisha Ghaus Pasha, Convener
  • Mr. Hassan Hakeem, SDGs Secretariat
  • Mr. Umer Akhlaq Malik – UNDP
  • Mr. Zulfiqar Durrani – SDGs Support Unit
  • Mr. Nadeem Ahmed – Planning Commission
  • Ms. Najma Parveen – SDGs Support Unit GB
  • Mr. Syed Ali Husain Gillani – SDGs Support Unit AJ&K
  • Mr. Shahid Farooq – SDGs Support Unit
  • Mr. Syed Sabir Ali Shah- SDGs Support Unit
  • Mr. Mumtaz Ali – SDGs Support Unit Sindh
  • Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Hasan – SDGs Support Unit

·       Opening the presentation, AJ&K team shared that the SDGs framework development was in the process (initiated in September 2019) – district consultations completed in 06 districts out of 10 – target 10th March 2020. It was shared that it the final draft of the SDGs framework would be presented for review by June 2020.

·       AJ&K team shared that efforts are being made at departmental level to get administrative data for 33 indicators. It was shared that the SDGs Support Unit was working with the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to get comprehensive coverage and district level reporting for AJ&K. It has also been suggested that additional questions be introduced to cover more SDGs indicators.

·       The Chair said that there is a need for efficient data collection exercise to address fragmentation and duplication of efforts on data collection (through multiple surveys). It was proposed that a committee be formed to address growing concerns on data management. Members of the SDGs Taskforce, SDG Support Units (provincial +federal), Planning Commission, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, provincial bureaus of statistics to be made part of this Committee to propose reforms for data architecture. Letters to be written to provincial chief secretaries for representation in the committee. A working paper will be developed in this regard.  UNDP office to develop ToRs and support.

·       Representative from SDGs Support Unit GB shared that the SDGs framework development was in process. It was shared that the desk review and situation analysis was completed. Consultation with Planning and Development Department and focal persons at GB level was completed – consultations with district level line departments, community based organizations, NGOs, women, youth were starting soon (March 2020). Delays in data reporting were due to the absence of a provincial Bureau of Statics; no centralized data management system available, newly established departments without an MIS. It was highlighted that the Pakistan Bureau of Statics excludes GB in its national reports of PSLM, HIES and LFS.

·       SDGs Support Unit Balochistan shared that a holistic action plan for the Government to strengthen and improve its efforts to achieve priority SDG targets. The development of SDGs framework for Balochistan involved data gap analysis to assess data availability and identify sources; stock-take of existing government policies; divisional consultations; and prioritization of SDGs. It was shared that out of 157 provincial and strict level indicators, data is readily available on 13 indicators and partially available on 14 indicators.  The SDGs Support Unit official shared that a private sector engagement strategy was being developed. Capacity need assessment of statistical organizations and improvement of administrative data systems was in the pipeline for the province.

·       Official from SDGs Support Unit KP shared that the provincial SDGs framework has been developed based on thorough baseline assessment of legislative frameworks, policies & data, target setting and prioritization. He said that 65 high priority targets have been identified. Missing data gaps were being filled through administrative data, alter surveys and coordination with departments.

·       Official from SDGs Support Unit Punjab shared that the SDGs framework serves as the main guide to mainstream SDGs in local development agenda. The framework is aligned with provincial development plans and aims to strengthen and improve reporting. Improve capacity of the province to effectively monitor and evaluate SDG progress and align provincial finances with priority SDGs. lt was shared that local development agenda is being aligned with SDG targets to address inequalities and intra-provincial disparities.

·       Official from SDGs Support Unit Sindh shared that for the baseline assessment, review of legislative and policy frameworks as well as situation analysis based on data sources has been carried out. Broad consultation of proposed targets with multiple stakeholders has been carried out. The Unit is updating baseline status through MICS (2019), PSLM (2020) and institutional data repository. Development of localization policy papers on priority SDGs. Development of district level accelerated plans and establishment of SDGs results management framework to track progress on targets and indicators is crucial.

·       It was decided that the ToRs for the special committee on data management be finalized soon.  The meeting ended with mutual thanks.

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