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Consultation on SDG 8 – Economic Growth and Decent Work

The Parliamentary Sub-Group on SDG 8 held it’s the first meeting on Goal 8 “Decent Work & Economic Growth on Thursday, 06 December 2019in the SDGs Secretariat, Parliament House, Islamabad. This meeting was followed by further meetings on 12 December 2019 and 11 February 2020 at the SDGs Secretariat, National Assembly. The meetings were chaired by Ms. Sajida Zulfiqar Khan (MNA/Convener SDG 8).  The focus was on the introduction to the process of carrying out a legislative review of the existing laws, bills and amendments on Decent Work and Economic Growth. Furthermore, it was decided to develop a roadmap for partnering on SDG 8 with the relevant custodian ministries, government programmes and prospective partners.

The following is the list of SDG 8 members:

List of SDG 8 Sub-Group Members

  1 MNA Mr. Riaz Fatyana, Convener SDG Task Force
  2 MNA Ms. Sajida Begum, Convener SDG 8
  3 Senator Ms. Rubina Rauf Khalid
  4 Senator Mr. Hidayat Ullah
  5 MNA Ms. Andleeb Abbas
  6 MNA Ms. Wajiha Akram
  7 MNA Ms. Kanwal Shauzab
  8 MNA Ms. Ghazala Saifi
  9 MNA Ms. Shandana Gulzar Khan
  10 MNA Ms. Nafeesa Shah
  11 MNA Ms. Rubina Irfan
  12 MNA Ms. Shaista Parvez Malik
  13 MNA Ms. Shahida Akhtar
  14 MNA Ms. Munawara Baloch
  15 MNA Mr. Sher Ali Arbab
  16 MNA Mr. Naveed Qamar
  17 MNA Mr. Junaid Akber
  18 MNA Mr. Ahmed Khan

Special Invites

1.     Senator Mian Ateeq

2.    MNA Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi

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